85% of brands may be wasting moolah!

Too many brands are wasting resources on the wrong channels, simply because they haven’t built a marketing model.

15% of Consumers Buy Directly from Social Ads

Social Media Advertising is a fantastic tool if used correctly. Social platforms are effective in the discovery and awareness stage of a buyer’s journey, but few consumers actually buy directly from social ads. Meaning, a lot of resources are ineffectively spent attempting to drive inbound requests or purchases. This research from eMarketer shows that only 15% of prospects buy directly from a social media ad.


Social Ad Spend

Social Ad Spend


This doesn’t mean that social media ads should be avoided because of the low ROAS. If your brand has the available resources, social media is a great way to make consumers aware of your brand. The results of this strategy are evident by Facebook’s increasing annual ad revenue over the last few years.



The question though is, do you know what part social plays in your marketing strategy?

Social media is a powerful driver of highly-segmented prospects to your website that can later be retargeted through remarketing campaigns. What this means is:

  1. You have exposed your brand to your target audience
  2. You have brought to your website the right personas
  3. You are able to remarket to this target audience for a fraction of normal advertising costs

Social media has its place in your funnel. Knowing that social’s place is towards the top of the funnel will not only help set expectations within your organization but it will also help you craft a balanced marketing strategy.

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